Living on the high end!

LOL, not really.  Since I have moved into the Lakeview Apts, 3811 W. 68th Ave, Westminster, CO I have been compelled to write this review a few months ago.

Pros: Not many really, has a pool, eh, yay!! Low cost. ummm, yeah. Oh and the owner of the nearby 7-11 is uber cool. Right near a lake (nice homes on the Denver side)

Cons: Lets see, what to begin with. Sewerage smell comes and goes regularly. Car windows busted out one time (car stereo stolen, along with a few other items). They get the carports mixed up, this led to the previous carport owner to decide to handle things on his own by attempting to pull my truck out with his jeep, when he couldn’t, pushed the truck back in the carport and into the car in front of me. By the way tenant still here (parked in the back left). Multiple items (stereo, and Art Degree) of mine have been destroyed by water coming through the ceiling (on the 3rd floor?). Drippy faucets, noisy facility. They just paint over the dirt when a new tenant comes in. Police are here regularly (that could be a good thing, that they show up). School directly next door, kids like to come over and smoke in front of the apartment complexes. 3 taverns/ bars basically right next door. And one resident who was a registered sex offender (moved out a month or so ago).

Since then there have been reports of bedbugs, roaches and mice (thankfully none of which I have had to experience (Then again always had lots of mice in the Appalachian Trail)), on top of which multiple incidents of people parking in my paid carport.  Also multiple reported incidents of gunfire (during the day and night), one of which led to a barricaded suspect and a SWAT team had to come in, LOL.

Personally since then have had multiple leaks (4 in total) in the ceiling that lasted 4 days, each day filling a large kitchen trash can full of water.  The apartment is old so has a under layer of paint that is lead based, as well as asbestos being used.  This month they are planning 3 inspections (1 by them, 1 by someone who needs to spray for bedbugs and roaches, and a 3rd by the city).  What a huge inconvenience, I need to move and cover everything, the place is a mess now due to shifting everything around.

Now I know why I stay single, I would never bring anyone here, but just can’t afford better right now.  Pretty much been living on the shit side of things since I left Asheville. (Looney landlord when I rented a room in Tarzana, CA; motel room in Culver City, CA, and here. ) Oh wait did have some time using my nephews rooms, not ideal, but did see my sister, brother in-law, and nephews more often, so that was a plus.

Nice duplex, view of the woods, in the mountains, great housemate, a motorcycle, truck (plus able to take my work truck home), Internet/Full line up of cable with HD on a widescreen, bears that would walk through the yard, and I worked IN the mountains. 

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