Ethical Consumerism

This is my list of companies that I have either completely boycotted or have greatly reduced my usage of. And while my individual boycott will make little difference in many of these organizations, they are ways that I can maintain a certain level of integrity and conviction by minimizing my contribution to companies that add to the suffering of humanity. There is no doubt that some of these organizations are completely imbedded in society and completely boycotting them would be extremely difficult, but every little bit helps.

That being said, some of these companies have also done some good things as well, but in my opinion, not enough. This should not be a all-inclusive list that you should just boycott but is starting point for your to do your own research as to whether or not that company meets your own person criteria to boycott and at which level. Also don’t forget to regularly follow up, your boycott may have actually made a difference and the company may have changed direction at which point a boycott no longer warranted but have in turn earned your loyalty and support as a consumer.