Jumplog 5 : 06MAY2018 | AFF (Recurrency)

Perfect day to get back out in the sky for some freefall fun.

Perfect day to get back out in the sky. Thanks to my skydiving friends and community pushing me to get back out there.

Had a relaxing flight to altitude, an awesome freefall, and  a beautiful canopy flight over Colorado (We won’t talk about the landing).

LOL, instructors end log comment, “Falls Fast“.

#flymore #loseweight #getabiggersuit


Jump: 5
Date: 06May2018
Diveflow: (AFF2 (Recurrency)) Count at door, COA, Check Alt, Check Left, Check Right, Check Alt, 2 Practice Pulls, Check Alt, 90 Degree Left, Check Alt, 90 Degree Right, Check Alt. Repeat until 6K. Lock On. Wave off and pull @ 5.5K

Prep: AFF Refresher, Dirt Dives, practice PLF’s

Dropzone: Mile-Hi
Equipment: Nav 300
Weight: 240lbs
Altitude AGL (ASL): 12.5K (18K)
Delay: +/- 45 sec
Surface Wind: 5 Knots (SW)
Distance to Target: Visual


TO ALTITUDE: Super relaxed, the most relaxed I have ever been. Made several 3 point checks (deployment, cutaway, and reserve).  Checked in with instructor at 2.5, 5.5, 6 and 10.5.
-At door: Solid check in, out and count
-Freefall: COA good, arch more (shake from reserve), check left, check right. Practice pulls good, but need to maintain good position. Turn 1 (10K), Turn 2 (9K), Turn 3 (8K), Freefall until deployment @ 5.5
-Deployment: Locked in @ 6K, waved off @ 5.6. More arch needed at deployment for stable pull (maintain COA, lurched forward)
-Malfunction(?): Line twist (due to body position or pack). Canopy (outer cells not deployed); cleared by pulling on both toggles.
-Canopy: Wind change from E to NW (@2.5K)
-Landing: flared low. Slide in landing (look out not at landing point on approach).

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