Weed and Feed

Too much Weed & Feed can ruin the lawn.

At the beginning of the summer our front lawn was well known for being one of the best along the block. The grass was green, thick and rich. On a daily basis we would provide water to the lawn, but it was a dry summer this year. The neighbor’s lawn was already showing broadleaf, add on top of which Colorado is not the best environment for grass. This broad leaf would slowly encroach upon our lawn, except in certain areas where the grass was not healthy enough due to the tough summer. We picked up some Weed and Feed to kill the weeds, but what happened due to the pressure of the summer weather the weeds stuck, and the grass became burnt.

The next month was slow and arduous. I had to lay out more water to eliminate some of the nitrogen that was burning up the grass, in the end costing us more. After the month I was finally able to lay some seed, which has slowly led to some very nice grass. It has taken time, as well as careful planning. It has taken an approach that requires one to be patient and loving.

So, it is with our faith. So often we as converts are ready to jump in full force. We know all the rules and the way things SHOULD be done. We over fertilize ourselves. And in the end only burning ourselves out, and those around us, only to find the weeds still there.

Finding God is exciting.  Take it slow, allow God to nourish and build you up, and don’t be so quick to have to do it RIGHT. The fact is we are all sinners, we can think we have all the answers, but the truth is we are human, we ALL fall short.  There is no such thing as a perfect lawn, it only looks perfect.

We can feed ourselves regularly, but at the same time overfeed becoming overly pious, killing off everything around us by the weeds.

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