Many Paths, One Destination

Four traveling companions, one Persian, one Arab, one Greek and one Turk, became hungry. With just a coin between them, they began to argue.

“I want angur,” said the Persian.

“I want uzum,” said the Turk.

“I want inab,”said the Arab.

“But I want stafil,” said the Greek.

A Sufi, hearing their arguing, approached and asked what was wrong. After listening to their complaint, he promised them that if they gave him their coin, he would return with something that would satisfy them all. After much hesitation, the travels agreed, and gave him their coin. The Sufi returned from the marketplace with grapes – “angur” in Persian, “uzum” in Turkish, “inab” in Arabic, and “stafil” in Greek.


Currently I am reading the book “no god but God”.  As I near to the end of the book, I come across this story by Rumi.  In it’s essence it shows the commonality of the majority of the faiths out there.  That religion at it’s core is the peoples struggle to know their creator, and how they understand it.  Some paths are easier than others, all in some way are God inspired, and all have been passed down by us mere humans as we understand and interpret the knowledge we are given, whether it be through reason (like myself), faith, or esoterics.  All are right and all are wrong, some are closer than others, but all is humanities quest to know God.

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