Orthodox and Muslim alike believe very strongly in this phrase “If God Will’s It” or as other say “In Gods time”. At it’s root this is basically to say that nothing happens be it by the Will of God. But is this just a cop out on claiming responsibility for our own actions? Because I hardly think that God wills that children and women get raped and molested, that God wishes that people get murdered in cold blood. I am sure that God does not will that people divide themselves on matters of faith. I am sure that Gods will is not divided to want one type of people to terrorize one type of people to have them terrorize them back, both claiming that it is God’s will. This sounds more like either a God who is masochistic, or a people refusing to accept responsibility for their own actions. Did God will Adam and Eve to fall at the Garden, or did He give them free will, as well as the consequences of their actions. For if everything was by the will of God we could not convict criminals, we should not shun rapists and child molesters.  Could I be accountable for any of the wrongs I have done?

If all that happens is the will of God, then we are but puppets, so why bother even trying?

What say you?

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