The Seasons of Change

The season of change have come and gone, it’s now a world of new beginnings. I look back three weeks ago to the beginning of my first Ramadan. It started with the beginning of the fast, in which I compared it to the season of fall. Our bodies are still full of life, but each day we shed a new layer exposing our inner cores. Each day our bodies adapt to the lack of food and sleep, and while our bodies weaken, our core, our roots, our spirit become strengthened. Our leaves are gone, and our scars are exposed, our limbs cold, brittle and fragile. This is our winter. And then comes the Eid, the air warms and new leaves begin to blossom bringing life back into our bodies. We find ourselves renewed; our souls strengthened. Our lives start fresh again. We are once again reawakened to the Mercy of God and share it with the world through our offerings. New signs of life awaken within us, for this is our spring. So, within a months’ time we have gone through fall, winter and spring. Now we have 11 months of Summer. What will be do with it? Will we keep our leaves, or will we let them fall early. Will our limbs bear any fruit? What we do with our summer is entirely up to us. God has granted each of us his mercy. God has given us an instruction manual, and God has given us an example through the Messengers and all the prophets (Peace be upon them all). Peace be upon you all.

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