The Struggle of Sin

Last week as we were discussing the book “God’s Path to Sanity”, Father talked about a monk who would confess daily, the same sin.  Day in and day out, he would regularly go to his spiritual Father confessing that once again he has fallen in the same sin.  The Father reminded him that ones sins may manifest daily due to our own shortcoming, it is the struggle that we endure to overcome sin that leads us closer to Christ.

Sure we can pray for a miracle, expecting God to just miraculously take away our temptation, and thus our humanity.  From that very day we were created in the garden, we were given Free Choice.  These choices would lead us both closer and away from God.

I can only suspect that if one were just healed of their sins immediately, that we Christians would become an entitled people, placing ourselves above all others, much like himself placed himself equal to if not above God.  That we are saved, and others are not.

The fact is God saved us thousands of years ago on that cross, and he saves us daily each time we confess our shortcomings and weakness, even when we do them repetitively.

Father, by the Mighty sword of the Holy Archangel Michael and the prayers of the Most Holy God-Bearer and Virgin Mary, have mercy on us and forgive us, and protect us for our weakness and our shortcomings!

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