Back to the Grind

It’s been a long road. 3 months ago I left my job and the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and headed west to the City of Angels. It was this weekend that the wedding was planned. But plans don’t always go as planned. I spent almost two and a half months looking for work, found 1 temp job and a little bit of side work doing networking and web design. After 2 months the budget ran thin, and I found myself staying in a motel while continuing to look for work.

I had a financial milestone set that if I reached was considered as the point of no return. It was either stick out my last resources and tempt another month or head east. The destination was NY, as I had a fail safe to drive limo till I found something better. Along the way I would stop in Denver, visit my sister and check out what possibilities Denver had. Within less than 2 weeks I had 2 job offers on the table. One working night shift at a hospital as a security guard in the ER, and the second as a counselor working with in-crisis teens.

Security guard would have been interesting but I think in the long haul it I would have found it boring, and it was a Thurs – Mon on the third shift. I would have spent my time working with the patients in ER, which would have been rewarding enough. I ended up opting for counselor at the Shiloh House. It will be much like my work at Eckerd Youth Alternatives, minus the outdoor work as well as the 24 hr shifts for 5 to 20 days.

So NY is on hold, as I see where this brings me. Denver is a good city, lots of opportunities, and is still growing. I have family here, there’s the mountains, the city, the snow, and rocking thunderstorms.

Thanks to everyone who has been out there building up contacts and forwarding around my resumes.

Next step the apartment, hmmmmm… or maybe a cabin.

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