The Pearl

Standing here on the ocean shore,

with golden sand beneath my feet,

I find myself staring out at the sunlight glistening off the gentle waves as they roll into shore,

but something catches my eye that is far more beautiful and awe-inspiring.

A shell has found it’s way to the shore, and within that shell a pearl.

I can tell this pearl in no ordinary gem, for it has traveled an oceans distance to sit upon these sands in my presence.

I kneel down for a closer look,

and as the water passes over it back into itself, a ray of sunlight reveals it’s true beauty as a myriad of colors burst forth.

Why and how is it me who has been blessed by it’s presence.

How many people have walked along this beach passing it by,

but yet here I sit, astonished, overwhelmed.

Would it be gone tomorrow?

Would the tides wash it away?

But as the moon rises up over the horizon, it remains here… with me.

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