Hot Springs 2007

Alright today I took my annual trip up to Hot Springs.  It’s about 30 miles away and is an awesome ride for anyone with a motorcycle.  Unlike the past few times I added a casual hike into the mix.  Ok it really wasn’t casual, unless you consider hiking up a steep slope along a rock face casual.  The total hike was roughly 2-3 miles including some off trail exploring. The highlight of the trip was hiking to the tops of 3 crags that overlook each other as well as the French Broad River.  I have included some photos, enjoy.  You will have to use the angle of the picture to roughly tell how high I climbed.

Looking North from the first crag

Looking North from the first crag

To the South and back to Asheville

Straight down, well almost straight down.

Up to the next crag

Looking down from the second crag to the first

To the Northwest and into Hot Springs, NC

The Appalachian Trail comes down that mountain into Hot Springs

To the Southwest

To the South from the second crag

To the North from the 3rd crag

To the South

Looking down

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