Icon Corner – Asheville

Here is a re-post of my old icon corner back in Asheville, NC.

This picture was taken just after morning prayer, as the sun comes in through the SE window.
Starting from top left going right then down.

1) Theotokos of the sign, The Ascension, St. Brendan.
2) St. Spyridon, All Saints, Fr. Raphael & Fr. Herman.
3) Theotokos /Veil of Protection, Pantocrater (Sinai, 400 AD), Hope to get a Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael to place to the left and right of these on the main wall.
4) The Apostle John, Icon Panel – Angel, Pantocrater, Angel, St. Christopher, Fr. Stylianos (My mom picked this up for me in Greece, and is painted with egg tempura), Apostle to the Apostles Mary the Magdalene.
5) On table; Blessed Seraphim Rose, Archangel Michael, My Grandfather, St. Patrick (by the candles).

The Altar cloth is a Celtic tie dye I picked up at the local hippie shop.
The Altar Lamp, as well as most of my altar supplies was picked up from Eastern Christian Supply
The Censer was picked up at Ebay

Most of the icons are prints from the computer (most icons nowadays are) and placed into frames.