Why America Will Fail

Like Rome, Byzantium, Russia the US will have it’s day. Much like those countries and empires the US is focused on Power and Money, and it forgets about the needs of it’s people. You are all probably wondering what brought this up. Well as many of you know I have been on the job hunt for quite a while when I was out in Los Angeles. I was suppose to get a job at Herbalife, which would have brought me a very nice paycheck, somewhere in the 60,000 to 80,000 area.

Due to circumstances I have left LA and am now in Denver and have been looking at counseling opportunities, much like what I did at Eckerd Youth Alternatives. Not to my surprise they are offering $8.75 – $9.54 /hr at Outward Bound. Clearly people don’t do this for the money. When I worked at Eckerd we were paid for each day that we worked, which was a 24/hr day, and we would work anywhere from 5 days to 21 days straight. There was a lot of personal investment put in, and understandably < 10% of counselors would actually complete their 2 year contract. When we figured out the hourly it came out to be less than $3/hr for a new counselor, as a Senior Counselor you made less than $4/hr.

Where the hell are our priorities when we focus more on things like programming, diets, oil, gaming, Internet, TV, Clothing, etc and just toss our youth aside. I think it’s time we re-evaluate our priorities.

The candidate that can do that will get my vote.

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