The Price of Security

The problem with illegal immigration is that eventually it leads to big government, particularly when the people decide they don’t want them here for whatever reason, particularly that they are in fact illegal.  So how do we catch them, easy, get every State to embrace a Federalized Immigration Fingerprinting program.  Does this mean that only immigrants are fingerprinted, no this will mean that we are all fingerprinted, and this fingerprinting may in fact may be needed in requirement for work.

Now I am not against fingerprinting as a whole, I have had it done numerous times on the State level for work, particularly considering the work that I do.  But I am against the Federalization of it, thereby requiring both, instead of inter-State cooperation, like many States do with Drivers License records.

This goes back to a previous post of mine in which State in cooperation with Federal TSA are now patting down customers in bus stations.  Security is slowly replacing Freedom, the Socialism we fought so hard against is slowly taking hold.  In so many ways, the terrorists have won already, they don’t need another 9/11, they already have us running scared.,0,4742737.story