Rosemary Milk Stout Steak

So one of the housemates and I had a humunganourmous steak in the freezer one night. Debating whether or not to just do the steak plain or should we try something new, we opted to experiment a little and came up with this little idea. And I have to say it came out delicious.


1 Large steak (should be large enough to quarter in with one of the slices being run through the length of it
1 Bottle of Milk Stout (We went with the Left Hand Milk Stout)
1 Heaping Tablespoon of Fresh Rosemary
1/4 of a lemon
Brown Sugar
Large ziplock bag


Pour your one bottle of stout and a tablespoon of fresh rosemary into the large ziplock bag. Mix well. Place the large steak into the ziplock bag, remove all the air and seal. Place the ziplock bag into cool water to defrost overnight. In the morning place steak back into the fridge.
Cut steak long ways once, then cut each of those in half. Place back into the bag for another 10 minutes. Remove steak and lightly rub brown sugar on both sides until it caramelizes. Rub your lemon onto the grill and cook steak until done.

Serve with vegetables and potatoes.

Place the frozen steak (uncut) into a large ziplock bag.