INFJ: Finances

This is a further analysis into the INFJ personaility type. Particularly around finances. Pretty accurate if you ask me, although I would drop or minimize #9 as almost all of my debts are taken care up. Of course I do not rely fully on these traits, as I would hate to stereotype myself, although I do find this to be highly more accurate than trusting a horoscope and astrological signs.

The Nine Traits of Under Earners are…

1. They have a high tolerance for low pay

2. They tend to underestimate their self-worth

3. They have a willingness to work for free

4. They are lousy negotiators

5. They practice reverse snobbery (“People with lots of money are greedy, unconscious, (you fill in the blank)…”)

6. They tend to believe in the nobility of poverty (money is not spiritual)

7. They tend to self-sabotage themselves regarding money

8. They subjugate their needs in favor of others

9. They tend to live in financial chaos (don’t have a handle on their finances, are in too much debt, etc.)

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